Lean to Garden


Lean to Garden Extension

The brief for this project was to create a traditional lean-to conservatory so the customers could have an extra living area to relax and entertain whilst enjoying their garden.

Measuring approx. 5m x 3m our designers decided upon a combination of a lean-to conservatory with a sunrise gable which not only gives additional height to the structure but also adds detail to the design.

Glass to ground casement sashes with a Georgian fenestration were chosen to allow a full view of the garden and opening clerestories in a plain design to match the window were added for extra ventilation. There are two sets of opening double doors to allow access to both the garden and the patio area.  

Other garden conservatories can be seen on the Design Gallery

Key Features:

  • Lean too Conservatory
  • Sunrise Gable
  • Georgian Window Design
  • Plain Clerestory Design
  • Measures approx. 5m x 3m
  • Colour - Off White