Period Orangery

Period Orangery

Period orangeries and conservatories are usually attached to the house to create a link to the garden but here the period orangery has been built on the existing first floor balcony. The extra height ensures that year round, the space is always light. Moreover, as is sits well above ground level it gives a fuller view of the landscape.

Our consultants can help give advice in planning and design for adding orangeries to period houses and listed buildings.

The versatility of Hampton Conservatories designs for period orangeries means that almost any space can be adapted for use, which always have amazing results.


Key Features:

  • Large Custom made Hardwood Orangery
  • Georgian Window Design
  • Period Orangery
  • Flat Roof Area
  • Sliding Sash Windows
  • Colour - Sage Green
  • Measures Approx. 7m x 5.5m