Town House Orangery

on First Floor

Town House Orangery on First Floor

Town Orangeries and Conservatories and are particularly interesting, as they are often added to an area frequently dismissed as awkward. This town house orangery build on the first floor makes full use of the space available, with the custom roof designed to fit below the existing windows. The double doors gives access to the patio area below.

This first floor hardwood Orangery now offers a dining area and links the kitchen and the lounge. Measuring 6m x 2.5 this has been a valuable addition to the home.

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Key Features:

  • Bespoke Hardwood Orangery
  • Regency Window Design
  • Decorative Pilaster
  • Roof Lantern with Concealed Box Gutter
  • Colour - Off White
  • Measures Approx. 6m x 2.5m