Eglantine Inn - Commercial

1st Floor Conservatory

Eglantine Inn - Commercial 1st Floor Conservatory

When the Eglantine Inn became one of the most popular entertainment hotspots in Belfast, the owners considered their options on how to extend their venue without increasing the floor area..... a Hampton's Conservatory was the perfect solution.

Measuring approx. 13m x 3m this large commercial conservatory includes a unique arched window design, sound proof glass to ensure minimal sound for surrounding neighbours, a large frieze was incorporated to house the wings which are used on summers days by clients socializing on the terrace and electrically operated roof vents were installed to balance temperature.

Installing this large first floor conservatory to the previously unused flat roof portion accommodated our clients need for extra space without extending the building, moreover its allows their customers to relax and enjoy the view of Belfast in all seasons.  

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Key Features:

  • Large Commercial Hardwood Conservatory
  • Unique Arched Window Style
  • Sound Proof Glazing
  • Large Frieze Detail
  • Electronically Operated Roof Vents
  • Measures Approx. 13m x 3m