Commercial Conservatory

Design and Service

Commercial Conservatory Design and Service

A visit to your home or business will allow Hampton Conservatories designers to complete a detailed on site survey. Moreover, it will also allow them to see firsthand the architecture, surroundings and practical aspects which will have an influence when creating your design. This conservatory featured was installed on the grounds of Harvard University, Massachusetts. The designers took into consideration the heights and spacing of windows and doors, the architectural style, constraints and also the materials used to construct the host building before preliminary drawing could be prepared. 

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Key Features

  • Bespoke Commercial Conservatory with Entrance Porch 
  • Side Hung Glass to Ground Sashes
  • Design
  • Plain Clerestories to Match Window Design
  • Large Decorative Frieze & Pilaster Detail
  • - Off White
  • Measures Approx: 8m x 8m