Large Conservatory

with Chandelier

Large Conservatory with Chandelier

This area was previously used as an outdoor seating area however due to our unpredictable weather it could only be made use of on sunny days therefore our clients required a permanent fixture to ensure seating availability in their popular restaurant, a Hampton's Conservatory was the perfect resolution. This large conservatory was sympathetically designed to complement the remainder of the property.

Measuring approx. 9m x 5m it includes two Edwardian gables with double doors and projecting pavilions. The window design is plain Victorian and it is finished in Curtis Wood. Moreover, to maintain an enjoyable environment, electric roof vents were installed. These open and close automatically when pre-set temperatures are reached, to maintain an optimum internal temperature. Sensors on the vents also ensure that they close automatically, in the event of rain. A very discreet grey tint in the Anti-Sun Glass controls solar gain and reduces glare.

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Key Features

  • Large Bespoke Timber Conservatory
  • Edwardian Gables
  • Two set of double doors
  • Two Projecting Pavilions
  • Plain Victorian Window Design
  • Colour - Grey/brown
  • Measures Approx. 9m x 5m