Lean to Conservatories

It is in fact the structure of the Lean to Conservatory that lends it its name, as it essentially leans to the building that it is affixed to.Of all the conservatory styles, the Lean to Conservatory surpasses all others in it effective usage of space, as it can utilise 1, 2 or even 3 existing external walls of the original property, dramatically cutting down on the quantity of materials required to construct it. In such cases, the Lean to Conservatory comprises of one side and a roof, its simple design allows for a straight forward and low-costing construction, manufacture and installation. Lean-to conservatories are also sometimes called home extenders, Mediterranean conservatories, sunrooms or sun gardens.

Home Extender Conservatories are similar to Edwardian styled Conservatories in that they have a square or rectangular plan that allows for efficient use of space, however, the Lean to Conservatory features a sloped roof which is attached to one of the walls of the house. It is because of their modern and functional appearance that they are suitable for a wide range of modern and contemporary properties, especially bungalows and other low pitched houses. They are also perfect for homes with comparatively small gardens, thanks to their characteristic efficiency.

Hampton’s hardwood lean to conservatories are of a much more modern design than any of our other period styled conservatories such as our Georgian or Victorian styles bespoke products. They are, therefore, extremely popular with more modern and contemporary architectural styles. These conservatories are easily attached to existing buildings and thus maximising living space. The Mediterranean Conservatory can be used for a wide range of purposes and can transform any household, by adding an ambient and airy sun lounge where you can enjoy the sun, by creating a gym space, or perhaps a bright and elegant dining space.

We have vast experience building Home Lean to Conservatories all over the world. An example of a lean-to conservatory we have built overseas was in St James, Long Island. A previously unused space in a corner of the first floor terrace is now being used to house one of Hampton’s simple lean-to style conservatories, from which the residents of this fabulous home can enjoy a year round view over their stunning grounds and the seascape beyond. It features a ‘glass to ground’ eight pane window design and incorporates three sets of double doors that can be thrown open in summer. The timber is finished in a soft grey, which picks up the colour of the shingle roof.

To install our products we use only our highly experienced Hampton Fitting Teams. These are expert teams of craftsmen, many of whom joined our company over 25 years ago and have dedicated their working lives to building our bespoke hardwood products.So, when you commission one of our bespoke lean to conservatories, you can rest assured that you will receive professional services of the highest quality, as well as the finest of products. Our team will diligently guide you through the entire process – from the idea to the completion of your Lean to Conservatory. We endeavour to minimise the disruption that an undertaking such as building a new Mediterranean conservatory may cause by using precise process scheduling procedures and specialised and efficient site staff so as to ensure complete customer satisfaction.