Listed Buildings with Orangeries

Orangery on a Listed Building

If you are thinking about extending your listed home with a bespoke wooden orangery there are some additional matters you need to consider. You will have to request permission to modify your listed property by gaining 'Listed Consent'. With over 35 years experience, Hampton Conservatories has undertaken many listed building projects requiring listed consent for a new orangery or conservatory.

With the information required, detail and forms filling, submissions for obtainingListed Building Consent can be quite daunting, we have found working on behalf of our clients in this area has been A great asset. Our team at Hampton conservatories take all this in our stride and aim to make the whole process as seamless as possible.

Hampton Conservatories design and create bespoke Orangeries to suit properties of different styles and periods. Our experienced in-house architects can undertake the preparation and submission of all necessary drawings, plans, and application forms for statutory consents. These include Planning Approval, Listed Building Consent, Permitted Development, Building Control and permissions for Private Estates.

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Listed building Orangeries and Conservatories

When it comes to designing a luxury orangery or conservatory to be added to a listed building, the subtle differences between the 2 types of glass extension could potentially be the difference between getting the required consents.

An example could be that a client would like to add a glazed extension to a 17th century Castle. They may opt to go for an orangery over a conservatory as an orangery tends to use more brick and mortar sections, allowing the orangery to blend more seamlessly to the ascetics of the original property.

It's always good to contact an experienced conservatory designer that has specialised in dealing with listed buildings at the earliest possible point.

Hamptons have vast experience in dealing with conservation projects and listed properties that allows us to help you come up with a bespoke orangery design that will increase your chances of getting listed consent for extending your listed home.

An Orangery for Listed Building

Arguably the most vital issue when it comes to drafting a proposal for an orangery to be added to your listed building is the impact it will have on the original property. To improve your chances of getting the consent for your project you need to design an orangery that doesn't overshadow the historical building.

When planning a proposal for listed building consent it's important to have contacted an orangery manufacturer that has vast experience in similar projects to your own. To increase your chances of getting approval you need to design an orangery that is sympathetic to the original structure that blends in naturally to the overall aesthetic of the listed building.

Although every listed consent application is judged on its own merits, planners tend to be more favourable to orangeries that do not dominate the original property or upset the balance of the properties grounds.

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A Listed Building Wood Orangery by Hamptons

Hampton Conservatories ensure that, when creating a bespoke orangery for your listed building, the unique originality, charm and character of the property are extended into your timber orangery. Our hardwood heritage orangeries blend seamlessly with Grade I and II Listed buildings.

From the first site visit to assess the property and take the necessary measurements we will observe the natural detailing of the existing listed building, examine the grounds of your property to ensure the design of your new bespoke hardwood orangery will blend into its surroundings so that the listed consent and necessary planning permissions should be granted without any major issues.


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