Orangeries with Stone & Masonry

If you are planning on expanding your home with an Orangery that features a mixture of hardwoods, stone and masonry there are a number of factors you need to consider.

Glass coupled with traditional stone can produce a stunning aesthetic. Hampton Conservatories have created many structures using a blend of masonry & stone that is local to the area in which the project is located, thereby establishing a sense of place and ensuring that the structure blend with the vernacular architecture. This ensures that the building reflects the environmental, cultural, technological, economic, and historical context in which it exists.

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Brick and Mortar Orangeries and Conservatories

When designing a luxury Orangery or Conservatory using materials like stone, brick and masonry the end result can be vastly different depending on the way the materials are applied to your project.

With Conservatories and Orangeries that need to be added to a listed building, you may have a more limited choice of the materials that you can use as these glass structures have to blend into the original building to increase chances of listed consent being granted.

Orangeries and conservatories being added to non-listed properties can utilize a wider variety of materials into its design. Getting the right choice and balance of these materials can be key in making sure that you end up with the glass extension you want.

It's always good to contact an orangery designer that has plenty of experience working with stone and masonry projects. Hamptons have vast experience in dealing with these projects that allow us to help you come up with a bespoke orangery with the perfect blend of glass, wood and stone work.

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An Orangery with solid brick or stone walls

The choice to create a complete timber orangery or stone based orangery should be one of the first things you look at when beginning your journey to the perfect living space to get together with friends and family.

The best question you can ask yourself at this stage is what type of design would suit my home? This could quickly eliminate orangery design options that are not worth spending valuable time on and allow you to focus on the designs that would add true value to your home.

Most of our clients decide on the materials and orangery design after one of our experts has been out for a site visit and evaluated the space where their new glazed structure will take pride of place. We can advise you on the best-suited materials that would blend naturally with the existing property as well as design features that would help create the ideal living space.

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A Stone and Wood Orangery by Hamptons

Hampton Conservatories have created many conservatories and Orangeries using multiple materials blended in the right way to create breath-taking areas within our clients homes that they have enjoyed for years.

From the first site visit to assess your home and take the necessary measurements, we will observe the charm and character of existing property, examine the designated space of your property to ensure the design of your new bespoke wooden orangery will blend into its surroundings so that the final product will be a new living space you will cherish forever.