First Floor

Glass Conservatory

First Floor Glass Conservatory | 1st Floor Conservatory New York

This 1st Floor Glass Conservatory supplied and fitted by Hampton Conservatories in Long Island, New York was created to allow the customer a full view of the adjacent lake.

Measuring approx. 5m x 4m this first floor conservatory is finished  and painted soft white and has a 45 degree steep pitch to complement the existing house. It features a sunrise gable with clerestories.

Location: Long Island, New York.   

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Key Features:

  • 1st Floor gabled End Conservatory
  • Sunrise Gable
  • Plain Window Design
  • Regency Style Clerestories
  • Measures Approx. 5m x 4m
  • Colour - Off White
  • Location: Long Island, New York