Conservatory and Orangery Glass

Hampton Conservatories double-glazed roof units comprised of an internal pane 4mm clear planitherm toughened glass, 16mm argon filled cavity and 4 or 6mm of Sunergy, Self-Cleaning Active, Clear, Grey Anti- Sun or Active Neutral depending on the building's orientation and customer requirements, this external pane will always be toughened in either 4 or 6 mm depending on the size of the unit. The spacer bar within the glass gives a complete thermally optimised system which satisfies the rigorous requirements regarding thermal insulation. They will normally be in black. However, white and silver are an option. Our roof units give a 1.1. U value and comply with building control regulations.

Hampton Conservatories door and window double-glazing units comprise of an internal pane 4mm clear planitherm toughened glass, 12mm argon filled cavity and 4mm clear toughened glass external pane with spacer bar which ensures outstanding thermal insulation. Again these are normally black however white and silver are available. All glass complies with Building Control Regulations.

There are different variations of both roof and side glass that can be chosen to suit your particular needs. For example, a more southerly facing Conservatory or Orangery will naturally get more sun therefore a reflective glass which will reduce heat by up to 50% and cut down on UV penetration maybe the most sensible option or perhaps a self cleaning glass would be preferred if the building is close to trees, some of the glass options available are in clear, grey, bronze or blue. However as standard, clear glass is normally used as this tends to be more aesthetically pleasing.

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