At Hampton's we are very conscious that security is important to our clients. Consequently we use toughened double-glazed panels on the roof and sides of all our structures. This glazing is five times stronger than ordinary glass and the sashes are designed with internal glazing slips, so that glass cannot be removed from outside. The window handles of opening sashes are morticed deep into the mahogany frame and the casement stay has a threaded locking screw for additional security.

In double door sets, both doors have an internal full-length locking mechanism, which has the "Secured by Design" certification. The fixed door can only be opened, by means of a thumb turn in the lock at waist height, when the slave door is already open, so there are no difficult surface mounted shoot-bolts to worry about.

We can also provide additional security features, on request. These include 8.4mm toughened laminate glass, dead bolts to the windows and the installation of alarm system wiring, through the timber framework of our structures.

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