Hardwood Conservatory Timber

Hampton Conservatories differ from other conservatory manufactures as we use sustainable sapelle mahogany to produce the main components within our Conservatories and Orangeries. This is due to Sapelle Mahogany being one of the most dense and durable mahogany’s available making it more suitable for external joinery and the preferred material for making high quality furniture.

Sapelle Mahogany also has a very fine texture due to its dense grain and molecular structure, this results in a particularly high quality paint finish which is often not present when using other hardwoods as they tend to be softer with a more open grain and when painted leaves an orange peel finish to the paintwork. Many other manufacturers use the term hardwood, as opposed to a mahogany as many suppliers will use timber that cannot by law be described as a mahogany. All timber used in the conservatory - i.e. frames, sashes, upstands, rafters, ridge and pilasters, is manufactured from sapelle mahogany.

Long timber elements are often laminated in our factory to give additional length and comply with engineering requirements. Hampton conservatories doors and sashes are also manufactured from engineered laminated sapelle mahogany for added stability; cill boards are birch plywood, wall infill panels are made internally and externally from birch plywood, frieze board are manufactured from both birch plywood and sapelle mahogany. Softwood timber is used for studding of box gutter support ladders. All mahogany is kiln dried and selected to British Standards.

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