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An American Courtyard Orangery

Many North American homes, traditional and contemporary, have underused courtyards. An orangery-style glazed extension offers a perfect solution for these spaces.

Twenty-five miles outside of downtown Chicago lies the fast-growing suburb of Naperville. Via its US partner Town & Country Conservatories, Hampton Conservatories supplied a new orangery for a ranch-style property here.

Approximately 40 years old, the one-and-a-half-story home is set within beautiful gardens at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Like many other properties of this type, the U-shaped courtyard was underutilised. Originally specified to let more light into the home and as a secluded patio for summer months, these areas are much better suited to a glazed extension which allows the homeowner to be immersed in the outdoors all year round.

The fact that courtyard projects of this nature only require a single new wall to be erected, means that they are often more cost-effective for homeowners than a more complex structure too.

The new courtyard orangery

The new orangery replaced a little-used pergola in the courtyard area. It was designed to complement the house without competing with the original architecture, and the colour choices echoed the property’s existing palette. Classical-style pilasters were incorporated to lend the orangery character and the double roof was intended to blend well with the pitch of the main roof, creating an appealing cascading effect.

Overhanging eaves

Overhanging eaves are particularly common in this style of courtyard home. An orangery particularly lends itself to this type of property as box gutters can be tucked under the eaves. However, if, as in this case, height is at a premium, the eaves can be removed and the main house roof can drain into the orangery box gutters themselves.

This project was designed by Town & Country Conservatories, manufactured by Hampton Conservatories, and completed in collaboration with Baranski Hammer Moretta & Sheehy Architects Chicago, Illinois.

For more information about other projects, see our case studies page or contact our representative in North America: Town & Country Conservatories at or call 773 281 1212

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