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Bespoke Orangeries And Orangery Extensions

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A bespoke orangery is one of the most sought-after home extension types in the UK and around the world today. Not only do they serve as a sanctuary of light and tranquillity, but they also seamlessly blend the indoors with the natural world outside.

What sets our orangeries apart?

Our exceptional orangeries blend the very best of modern technologies with timeless, classical design to ensure your extension is truly unique and luxurious. We only use the highest quality timber, glass, stone and masonry and our bespoke approach precisely balances scale and proportion. Whether you’re looking to add significant value to your home; simply need a more functional space; or desire a conduit between the in and outdoors, we will listen to your requirements and work with you to design a room that exceeds your expectations.

A brief history of orangeries

An orangery incorporates vertical pilasters (columns) and glass walls below an entablature (a horizontal structure) supporting a glazed roof lantern.

Originally a decadent display of status and prestige, orangeries were used by wealthy households as a space to protect exotic plants, especially citrus trees, from the cold British weather. Central to achieving such a harmonious design is the adherence to aesthetic principles, particularly those originating from classical Greek architecture. The inherent beauty of these structures, often recognised even by the untrained eye, lies in their proportions, balance and symmetry. The subconscious effect of architectural proportions on the homeowner is significant, with well-proportioned designs eliciting feelings of comfort, ease, and well-being.

Will an orangery extension suit my property?

We have decades of experience in designing orangeries to suit all property types. Whether the building is Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, something listed, or more modern, our bespoke orangeries and orangery extensions typically incorporate architectural features, materials and colours from the host property to ensure the new extension is wholly complementary. However, orangeries can also be consciously designed to contrast with a building’s existing look and feel.

Kitchen orangeries and other uses

While some homeowners still use their extension to house a prized plant collection, most orangeries are now used as extra living space, either as a standalone room or to create a larger open plan area. An orangery is ideally suited to a kitchen, additional sitting room, or party space but the light and proximity to nature also make them suitable for other purposes such as a yoga studio or a space for creative endeavours.

Environmental considerations

Modern building regulations demand high standards for heat loss prevention, insulation integrity, and structural engineering capabilities. These include the need for materials and designs that can span large distances without compromising on strength, aesthetics, or environmental concerns. We overspecify to ensure that our orangeries surpass modern standards for energy efficiency and building regulations so that your new extension will have the minimum impact on the planet and its resources and stand the test of time.

A bespoke orangery for your home

At Hampton Conservatories we understand that design and functionality are not mutually exclusive. Our approach to bespoke orangery design is rooted in a deep appreciation for classical architecture. We bring these elements into the modern era, creating structures that are not only energy efficient and compliant with current standards but also beautiful, timeless, and fit for purpose - however you choose to use yours.

You can be confident that our team of designers will listen carefully to your aspirations and make suggestions based on their years of experience and expertise. If you’re looking to add wow factor to your home, both inside and out, then look no further than an orangery from Hampton Conservatories. We understand what is required to create a really special room.

For inspiration, please browse through our orangery projects.


Hampton’s Award Winning Quality

There are many reasons to choose Hampton Conservatories. Here are just a few...

  • Over 1,000 happy customers
  • 100% bespoke
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  • 4 continents
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  • Dedicated maintenance team
  • Dedicated design expert
  • Award winning Projects
  • BR2 rating glass

Kitchen Orangeries

We spend so much time in our kitchens, whether it is for cooking, eating or entertaining loved ones. If you need additional space in your kitchen area, then a kitchen orangery is the perfect option for you.

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Orangeries For Listed Buildings

Listed buildings are often beautiful pieces of architecture full of historical importance. To live in one can be a thing of great pride, but they do come with certain restrictions. If you are thinking about extending your listed home with a bespoke wooden orangery, we have over 35 years of experience working with these special properties.

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Orangeries with Stone & Masonry

If you are planning on extending your home with an orangery that features a mixture of hardwoods, along with stone and masonry, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Our experts can help you with this process.

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Trusted Build Quality

“Working with Hampton Conservatories has been fantastic from start to finish. They have guided us through the complete process and we’re delighted now with our beautiful orangery. It looks as good as the day it was finished.”

– Mr Smith, London –


Award Winning Quality

With over 61,000 online votes cast by members of the public, Hampton Conservatories beat off very stiff competition from some exceptional international projects to be crowned winner in the Architectural Glasshouse category.