Peach Fuzz

Incorporating Pantone Colour of the Year into your home decor

The time has rolled around again for Pantone to release its Colour of the Year.

Last year, we saw Viva Magenta, an animated red shade, take centre stage. For 2024, the Colour of the Year is Peach Fuzz, a light and delicate shade sitting between pink and orange. It represents our desire to nurture kindness, compassion and connection, symbolising the peaceful future many seek.

The Colour of the Year is often quite divisive, so we’ve covered all bases, with products boasting this year’s central shade, but also some complementary colour schemes if you’re not ready to overload your home with Peach Fuzz.

Whether you’re planning a full redesign of your interiors, or simply want to make a few smaller changes to bring the Colour of the Year into your home, here are some furniture and decor products to bring the shade Peach Fuzz to life.

Peach home decor

Pantone has collaborated with Spoonflower to design wallpapers (left) using the exact colour hex of Peach Fuzz. There are a range of designs to choose from, and are ideal for a single accent wall, perfectly matching Pantone’s shade. This elegant chaise lounge from Beliani (middle) creates a stylish and practical focal point. Frame your space with these sheer curtains in the shade Praline (right), slightly dulling the sun when it’s overpowering a room, without sacrificing natural light.

Pantone Peach Fuzz

Pantone describes Peach Fuzz as a shade that radiates warmth and modern elegance, which is exactly how you could describe this lamp from Anthropologie (left). Add some pattern and texture with this graphic throw cushion (middle), whilst building on the calming and nurturing peach tones by adding fresh cut flowers in a decorative vase (right).

Peach Accessories

What colours go well with peach?

If you don’t fancy overloading your space with 2024’s Colour of the Year, here are some alternative colour schemes that beautifully complement the warm, neutral shades of Pantone’s Peach Fuzz.

Deep greens

Green Accessories

Products shown:

Navy blues

Blue Accessories

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Bright floral shades

Floral Accessories

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Pastel colours

Pastel Accessories

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