Designing a coffee station at home

Despite the daffodils sprouting there’s still a chill in the air. The weather is leaving much to be desired and we’ve got a while to wait before the evenings are truly light, so creating a warm, cosy and relaxing space at home will be the ideal solution for many.

Introducing ‘cafécore’, the idea of creating your own personal café in the comfort of your home.

Where to locate an at-home coffee station

An orangery is an ideal way to maximise space within your home, whilst reaping the mental and physical rewards of natural light. Even in the darker and cooler winter months, an orangery or conservatory will capture every small slither of sunlight, projecting it into the space to create a bright, mood-boosting atmosphere. The abundance of glazing gives an orangery an innate connection to the outdoors, enhancing the wellbeing benefits of being close to nature.

We see many homeowners purpose their orangery as a kitchen, a multi-functional room where many families spend a large amount of their time. All of these factors make an orangery the ideal spot for a café corner, a small retreat where you can take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in your own personal haven. 

Whether you’re planning to locate your coffee station within your kitchen, or elsewhere in the house, we’ve curated a list of products and furnishings to help inspire your own ‘cafécore’ design. From essential coffee-making tools to comfortable furnishings and biophilic decor, here’s everything you need to kickstart your design process.

Designing your coffee station

Of course, the main star of the show is a coffee machine. You may lack barista skills but don’t fret, as modern appliances have transformed the task of making café-quality coffee into something even simpler than loading up a cafetiere.

The Sage Oracle Touch coffee machine boasts a small and straightforward touchscreen that can produce fresh bean-to-cup café-favourites in a single press. Choose from an americano, cappuccino, espresso, flat white or latte, and you can also save custom personalisations for your drink of choice by adjusting the coffee strength, milk texture and temperature. The machine is also suitable for tea, hot chocolate and hot milk.

With your coffee machine in place, start to think about how you want to organise your new café station. If you’re starting from scratch and planning a new kitchen you may like to consider a breakfast cupboard that neatly hides away all the essentials you’ll need to make the perfect coffee. If this isn’t an option, then a mobile bar cart could be the best solution.

Using a mobile drinks trolley provides ample surface space to store all of your necessities, that can be quickly and easily relocated at your convenience. Bar carts and drinks trolleys are often used within the home to create a drink-mixing area, usually with various spirits, mixers and cocktail glasses, however, the concept also works perfectly for a coffee station.

Now you’re ready to start filling your trolley with the key components of a café setup. First up, mugs. You may opt to inject a pop of colour into the space by selecting bright and vibrant coloured mugs, like these stoneware mugs by Le Creuset (left). If you prefer to keep it neutral, The White Company’s Portobello Mugs (middle) are beautifully simple, with a classic, everyday shape. A final option for anybody who prefers to nurse their coffee, or perhaps gets caught up in a good book or TV show all too often, the Ember Smart Mug (right) is temperature-controlled via a smartphone app, to ensure that you’re never caught out with a lukewarm beverage again.

A finishing touch for your mug collection is a way to display them, such as a mug tree (left).

With your basics well and truly underway, it’s time to consider the components of your drinks. You may already have a coffee bean of choice, but if not, these Kaya Kopi Luwak coffee beans (middle) are worth a try. Kaya Kopi refers to an uncommon and somewhat time-consuming production method that results in aromatic beans with a complex flavour profile, that are earthy and sweet with a smooth texture. These beans are organic, sustainable and environmentally conscious. Coffee beans must be kept tightly sealed to remain fresh. Opt for some airtight handmade jars (right) to display your café necessities in a refined and practical way.

Let’s think about ways to enhance your coffee experience. If you prefer a sweeter drink, consider different sugar syrups to broaden your flavour options. Sweetbird syrups (left) come in a range of flavours with sugar-free options available too. Choose from sweet varieties like caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and toasted marshmallow, or linger on the Christmas feeling for a bit longer by choosing cinnamon, gingerbread or eggnog.

No coffee is complete without a sweet treat on the side. These biscuits by Fortnum & Mason (middle) come in attractive, colourful tins which would look beautiful displayed on the drinks trolley, whilst boasting unique and aromatic flavours to enjoy with your hot drink. Another popular choice to complement a warm beverage is Stroopwafels (right), a Dutch delight. These caramel waffles have a slight kick of cinnamon and can be rested atop your mug to gently melt the centre with your drink’s steam before indulging in the flavour and soft crunch.

Moving away from the main coffee necessities, work towards creating a snug and relaxing space where you can curl up and watch the day go by. This loveseat from Rose & Grey (left) is an elegant, contemporary focal point, with big, soft curves that are perfect to melt into, whilst being large enough to comfortably cuddle up with family or a pet. Made-to-order, there is a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from, allowing the loveseat to complement your surrounding interiors beautifully. Pair the chair with a large chunky knit throw (right) to add some texture, whilst ensuring an extra layer of warmth for particularly chilly days.

No café setup is complete without a place to rest your drink. This stylised curved coffee table (left) is ideal for adding surface area to rest your mug without overpowering the space. The use of natural materials and organic curves both contribute to biophilic design, which is proven to help reduce stress and enhance a harmonious environment. 

Save your table from spills and stains with these sophisticated leather coasters from Lucrin. With a wide range of colours to choose from, you can keep the coasters neutral or splash out with a vibrant shade.

Add a pop of colour with eye-catching visuals to the table by displaying large hardback books filled with captivating photography. These coffee table books (right) look beautiful as a display piece but are also ideal for flicking through whilst you savour your drink. With a wide selection to choose from, you may want to tie in the colours of the covers to your existing decor or instead, focus on niche topics that you have the most interest in.

Create a warm and intimate ambience on darker days and throughout the evenings with a small fireplace. If you already have a wood burner installed and properly ventilated, locating your coffee station in its vicinity can enhance a calm and cosy feel when relaxing with a hot drink. However, for homes without an existing wood burner, opt for an ethanol fireplace that doesn’t require a flue and even produces less harmful emissions than a traditional wood burner.

The Bubble Wall & Floor fireplace by Planika can be freestanding or mounted to the wall, depending on your preference and available space. Its size is more than enough to engulf your café corner with a light warm glow and subtle warmth, without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Onto the final finishing touches. Add a rug to bring both texture and depth to the floor, pulling some attention away from the large loveseat and busy drinks trolley. This sleek, curved braided Jute rug (left) complements the curvature of the coffee table perfectly and comes in a range of sizes to suit any space. 

Incorporate a large plant to aid the air purity of the space. A Peace Lily (middle) is an ideal choice since they thrive in humidity and are well suited for kitchens and glazed extensions. Exotic looking whilst easy to care for, Peace Lilies are known for enhancing a calm and serene atmosphere.

If you find yourself needing some gentle, localised light to illuminate your café corner, opt for a slim freestanding lamp. This floor lamp (right) is simplistic but sleek, providing a small hint of light without coming off as too intense for the rest of the room. Directional lighting gives you more options as to where you focus the light, whether you need a brighter glow on the coffee station while you prepare your beverage, to then relocate the focus onto the loveseat whilst you curl up with a good book.

Cafécore is easily achievable in the home but if you’re planning a home extension in 2024, ensure you consider this trend when designing your orangery or conservatory.